About Us

My name is Tracey Workman.  I have been making jewelry for about 15 years. I have always been of the crafty persuasion, but got interested in making jewelry when I could not find a necklace to go with an outfit that I both liked, and could afford. What started as a trip to the craft store has become a life's passion.  I love the creative process in designing new pieces, and banging on metal with a hammer is a great stress reliever.  

I love working with copper. It has so many different personalities and I find it's natural state so warm and appealing. Adding patina and aging it gives it a whole different depth and feel. I love mixing copper with brass, silver, iron, and glass for different looks. Wearing a mixed metal piece allows you to layer all of your other pieces and have them play very nicely together. 

I welcome custom orders. For prom, weddings, bridesmaids...we can work together to design your one of a kind gifts, or something special just for you.