Small Business Saturday

November 28, 2015

Why shop small on Small Business Saturday?  The best explanation I have seen was written by Jason Burchaski, the brains behind the blog,

"Never discredit the small business and its vital importance to both the economy and community. Statistics from the U.S. Business Administration state that the nearly 28 million small businesses in the United States create 65 percent of net new jobs. Small business advocacy group The 3/50 Project takes it even further, with every $100 that is spent at a local retailer, $68 will return to the community through taxes and payroll. It only furthers the need to increase awareness about small businesses which are essentially the backbone of a community.

When you support small business, you support your town, your city, your local area all around. It gets right down to the heart of the matter: helping others in the case of small businesses will truly help yourself in the process."

Well said Jason.  Check out his blog for food and local music scene reviews and general love of all things Cleveland. 

So, this is why I source almost all of my of my supplies as I can from other small businesses.  I love to use handmade components made by artists.  There is a little piece of each of them in their work, and I love combining that with my own vision to create something unique.  I know that my pieces would not have that same special feel if I were using stuff imported from China, made by little kids making $1.50 a day.  <personal rant over>

So, get out there and eat at your local non-chain restaurants, buy your Christmas gifts from small businesses,and get your dog groomed by any groomer that is not PetSmart.  <ok, now the personal rant is really over>

Even better, take a wander over to my products page and choose a gift for someone you love....even if that someone is YOU!

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